About Us


Hi, Im Ashley

I am the owner + founder of Gracia Rose, i am also a 31 year old mother of 4 beautiful children Tyler, Hunter, Amelia, Alexis. I started my business in 2020 during the first lockdown as i was a shift working nurse for 5 years juggling mum life, work life an not to mention being a wife with trying to home school and maintain my wellbeing i just could no longer juggle it all so i sat down with my husband and discussed the idea of opening an online clothing store something i could maintain + manage from my lounge room whilst homeschooling my children, as always my husband gives me his full support with all my crazy ideas + tasks i throw at him.

With my families support  i jumped head first into searching for quality Australian Designed + made brands to suit all demographics.

Naming my beautiful store after my 2 little girls "Amelia Grace Scott" " Alexis Rose Scott" we used there middle names and with our culture background with my husband being Italian we got Gracia Rose. I'm stocked with what we named our little biz as this stands for our family and a biz my 2 amazing girls will one day manage them selves.

After 3 months of searching quality brands i launched my website with a local web designer "RAW CONFETTI" Ladies seriously head over and check her out she is amazing....

3 months in with a website we renovated our first space in our small town Gunnedah, nerves was an understatement but sure enough after weeks of being opened + juggling the covid restrictions the love for our collection grew on as months passed we discussed moving into a larger premises, September 2021 we did just that extending our range of clothing + Accessories. 

2022 we have just made another extension introducing Lingerie into our collection, with huge things as we have our own salon opening soon within our premises also, So STAY TUNED as we continue to grow an bring so much to all the lovely ladies out there.......

With Love